Developing Disciples & Catalyzing Movements
Any movement which has benefited society in the long haul has at its core a group of people committed to a cause that they consider greater than themselves and to one another as friends. - James McGregor
About Us
We dream of a day when the Spirit’s redemptive work permeates every facet of European life, overturning injustice, breaking the power of sin, radically transforming the culture and resulting in countless followers of Jesus
We seek to see Oxford re-evangelized by generating movements of disciple-making in every neighborhood, community, and among every people group.
We empower people with leadership capacity to start disciple-making movements in their communities.
It's great to want to be a part of something, but it’s a different thing completely to believe wholly in some type of movement, and to give everything for that something - Brandon Boyd
Our Approach
We develop disciples through evangelism, mentoring, and training. We prioritize neighborhoods and people groups where the Gospel is underrepresented.
We implement structures that enable multi-generational growth and work in environments where we have access to people with leadership capacity. We collaborate with partner HUBs across Europe.
Gospel Movements
We pioneer new and effective expressions of disciple making with the goal of seeing many people become committed followers of Jesus and groups of these disciples multiplying rapidly.
We train and develop young leaders by inviting them to join us in making disciples in Oxford. We coach and mentor them to discover God’s unique call on their lives.
Why Oxford?
Oxford is a vibrant city with a varied demographic, ranging from the academic elite to pockets of poverty and social deprivation. Every major religion and people group is represented in this ever growing city. Not surprisingly, many target Oxford as a place to influence and find influencers. Oxford continues to be a proverbial battleground, a strategic epicenter of influence on the European heart and mind.
The Internship
As interns are exposed to ministry in a European context they will also experience personal growth and development in evangelism, disciple making, and leadership. Interns will provide OxfordHUB with greater ministry capacity and will be prepared to replicate the HUB structure and disciple-making movements in other cities of Europe.
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